Second Trimester To-Do List

Ultimate Second Trimester To-Do List You Don’t Want to Miss!

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Welcome to your second trimester, the golden days of your pregnancy.

At this point, you hopefully should have more energy again and feel less nauseous.

This is my favorite trimester of pregnancy because you’re feeling better and just starting to develop a really noticeable baby bump.

Also, this is when you start feeling the first little baby kicks.

During your second trimester, it’s the perfect time to start planning ahead for what’s to come with this to-do list.

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When Is the Second Trimester of Pregnancy?

Your second trimester of pregnancy ranges from week 13 to week 28.

This is the time that your baby will really start to look more like a baby and start putting on weight.

What Should You Do in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy?

Second Trimester To-Do List

The second trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time to start preparing for your new baby. You’re still able to move around and have energy to accomplish a lot throughout the day.

Take advantage of this energy boost and prepare for your baby with these things you should do in your second trimester.

Also, make sure you have all of these must-haves for a healthy and comfortable 2nd trimester.

Prepare Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

If you haven’t needed many pregnancy clothes yet, now is the time that you’ll really start needing them.

It’s a good time to stock up on different outfits and types of clothes.

I love Kindred Bravely‘s clothes which are high quality and so comfortable.

If you want to Kindred Bravely out, use my link here to save 20% off your order.

Plan a Baby Moon

A baby moon is a special time for you and your partner to get away together.

This is one of your last weekends or trips as a couple so I’d recommend choosing somewhere that’s adult-only or that you wouldn’t want to bring a baby.

Find a romantic villa or cabin. Plan for lots of relaxing and quiet time before the baby arrives.

Start Preparing Your Baby Registry

The baby registry is my favorite part of pregnancy. It’s so fun to pick out all of the goodies for your baby and your family.

I recommend Amazon’s Baby Registry which is convenient for both you and your guests.

You can find almost every brand on Amazon and have it shipped quickly for free. They also offer free returns which makes it easy if you get duplicates or things you didn’t end up needing.

Take Prenatals and DHA

At this point, your baby is still growing rapidly and relying on you for food and nutrients.

It’s important to continue taking your prenatal vitamins every day.

I also recommend taking a separate DHA supplement which helps with brain development.

Continue to Eat Healthy

Second Trimester To-Do List- Eat Healthy

Although you’re taking a prenatal vitamin every day, it’s also important to eat certain foods throughout your pregnancy.

Make sure to add these healthy foods to your pregnancy diet including vegetables, salmon, healthy fats, and more.


Sign up for a prenatal class or find some home workouts you can do on your own.

Try to keep moving and stay active all pregnancy long.

I love Bodyfit By Amy’s free Youtube channel which has loads of free prenatal videos.

Also, Amazon Prime Video offers free prenatal workouts and yoga.

This is a great time to get moving.

Visit The Dentist

The second trimester is the safest time to visit the dentist. Make sure to schedule a routine cleaning during this time.

Good oral hygiene is important to prevent spreading any bacteria to your baby, so it’s important to stay up to date on your teeth cleanings even while you’re pregnant.

Start Using Belly Butter

Earth Mama Organics - Belly Butter

During the second trimester, your belly will really start growing and stretching. This is the perfect time to start applying belly butter every day to prevent stretch marks.

Decide if You Want to Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

Depending on the pregnancy testing you choose, you will be able to find out your baby’s gender as early as 12 weeks.

This is a good time to talk to your partner about whether or not you want to find out the gender of your baby.

If you do find out the gender, you can also start planning whether or not you want to do a gender reveal.

Start Planning For Childcare and Returning to Work

This isn’t a fun part of pregnancy, but it’s important to start planning for. A lot of daycare centers fill up quickly, so now’s a good time to make a plan for where your baby might go.

Typically you can find in-home babysitters, nannies, daycare centers, or grandparents if you’re lucky.

Start asking friends and looking at different options in your area.

Begin Working On The Nursery

Now onto the fun part, start preparing your nursery.

Whether you choose to find out the gender or not, it’s still fun to start looking up ideas and preparing your nursery.

I love looking up ideas on Pinterest which has unlimited options and ideas.

Decide If You Want to Use a Doula

Doulas are great support throughout labor and delivery. They’re the person who will advocate and support you during delivery to ensure everything goes according to your plan.

They also book up really early, so if you plan to use one, now’s the time to start interviewing.

Have Fun!

Most importantly, savor the moment and enjoy your second trimester of pregnancy! This is your time to prepare for your precious baby and all of the changes ahead.

Enjoy this time with your partner and allow yourself to be pampered a little along the way!

Second Trimester To-Do List
Second Trimester To-Do List
2nd Trimester of pregnancy checklist
Second Trimester To-Do List
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