Simply Earth August Recipe Box

Simply Earth August Box Review

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If you are interested in using Essential Oils but feel discouraged by the high price tag, Simply Earth is the perfect option! I am so excited to have discovered this US-based company which provides Essential Oils at an affordable cost!

Simply Earth August Recipe Box
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Who is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth is a company that was established in hopes of providing essential oils at a reasonable price. By selling directly to consumers, they offer high-quality oils at about half the price of competitors.

All Simply Earth oils are backed by the GC/MS standards.

If you’re unfamiliar with this terminology, this is a quality control measure that guarantees what they say is in the oils, is actually there.

They evaluate the concentration of each essential oil in order to ensure that each bottle is prepared properly.

The Essential Oil market is not monitored by the FDA and is not required to be backed by any standards. Simply Earth chooses to perform this extra step because they are passionate about providing highquality products.

Additionally, Simply Earth oils are created from plants grown on ethically sourced farms across the world. Once the plant is ready, they either cold-press or steam-distal the plants into their oils.

Lastly, Simply Earth stores their oils in amber bottles to avoid breakdown by UV exposure. This company is very committed to providing high-quality oils and they work hard to do so.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Sources

How to Shop Simply Earth

My favorite part of Simply Earth is the shopping options for consumers. You can either purchase a single oil without any commitment or membership required, or you can sign up for their monthly boxes.

Check out the Simply Earth website here for all of their products.

The price of their individual oils completely blows away other big companies such as Doterra. You do not need to make a minimum or a monthly purchase, but rather you can buy essential oils as you need them!

Some of my favorite essential oils to keep on hand are Lavender, Lemon, and Sleepy.

Each bottle of essential oils explains how to use the oil, what age it is safe for, and Simply Earth’s quality control mark.

Another buying option Simply Earth offers is its monthly recipe boxes. These boxes provide a fun way to transition into using essential oils and natural products.

Every month’s box follows a theme and includes recipes and ingredients to go along with it. The recipes are relatively simple and can be made without requiring many additional ingredients.

The monthly boxes are the way to go if you want to learn more about oils and how to actually use them.

I have to admit, I purchased a starter kit from Young Living in the past, but did not end up using the majority of the oils. The Simply Earth monthly recipe boxes ensure that the oils you receive will serve a very specific purpose.

You will no longer stockpile oils you don’t know how to use.

Simply Earth’s August Recipe Box

Simply Earth August Recipe Box
Simply Earth’s August Recipe Box

Simply Earth’s August recipe box is all about face care. This was an excellent first box for me because I do not usually dedicate enough time caring for my skin.

The recipes and ingredients included this month are for a face scrub, facial steam, face mask, Hydrosol facial toner, and moisturizing face cream.

This month’s box comes with Rosemary, Frankincense, Clove, and Clear skin essential oils, as well as a lavender hydrosol, almond oil, and coconut oil.

I decided to try the face care recipes after returning from vacation. I knew my skin could use some extra pampering after a week in the sun and eating less healthy than I normally do.

After I first read through the recipes, it seemed a little daunting due to the long list of ingredients. However, after I reviewed my kit again, I realized the only additional ingredients required were water, oatmeal, honey, brown sugar, and aloe.

Out of all of those, I only needed to buy aloe (which I had been planning to buy anyways). Everything else is included in your kit which is so helpful!

These recipes can either be made one at a time or all at once for a full facial. I decided to dedicate an hour to my skin for a full pampering after all of the damage I had done to it.

Making the Recipes

Overall, the recipes are relatively simple to create. Some just involve mixing oils whereas others require a food processor or blender.

From start to finish, I was able to make all 5 recipes in about 45 minutes, including time to allow the mixture to cool.

The recipes are very self-explanatory and my toddler and I had fun concocting all of the creations in our kitchen. We made a pretty big mess by the end, but everything was easy to clean up afterwards.

While we created the recipes, we diffused the Feel Good Morning diffuser blend which was a very energizing and uplifting scent.

My two favorite recipes this month were the Frankincense Face Scrub and the Moisturizing face cream.

Frankincense Face Scrub

As I mentioned before, I do not dedicate enough time to skin care on average. Between work, caring for a toddler, maintaining a home, and exercising, skin care falls to the bottom of my to-do list.

However, after the way my skin felt from this face scrub, I will absolutely be applying it once per week!

This scrub left my face incredibly soft and rejuvenated. It takes less than one minute to prepare and smells amazing!

In the future, I will only make half a batch though because it makes much more than I need for myself. Unfortunately, it does not keep well so I will have to waste some of it.

Moisturizing Face Cream

Simply Earth Face Moisturizer
Simply Earth Moisturizing Face Cream

My second favorite recipe from this month’s box was the moisturizing face cream. I usually spend about $10-15 per month on Burt’s Bees facial moisturizer.

After making my own, I may never go back! I love knowing every single ingredient which went into the moisturizer. I do not have to second guess if the product is safe or natural.

This moisturizer made my skin feel silky smooth and left a healthy glow after applying. The only part of the moisturizer that was a little frustrating was how long it took to blend.

Do not give up though and keep blending until it is fully mixed. Otherwise, this was relatively easy to make and makes a lot! I filled up a medium sized mason jar and had some left over!

The other recipes for this month including the face mask and facial steam were quick and easy to make as well.

They were fun to use, but not something I will be adding to my skincare regimen on a regular basis. I will keep the clear skin roll on handy just in case for spot treatment, but hopefully will not need that too often!

Overall, I had a lot of fun making the recipes and pampering my skin!

Who Should Not Use Simply Earth

Simply Earth is a fantastic Essential Oil company that offers oils at an affordable price. However, like all companies, it is not for everyone.

If you are someone who wants to use natural products but doesn’t have very much time to prepare them, this may not be for you. Although the monthly recipe box was a lot of fun, it did require some dedicated time to prepare.

Other companies such as Young Living offer a lot of pre-made lotions, cleaning products, and more. These products are made with high-quality ingredients and are ready to use without any preparation.

Additionally, if you want to join a network of oil users, Simply Earth is not for you. On Simply Earth’s website, they provide many resources including a downloadable user’s guide and options to ask questions.

However, Simply Earth is not a network marketing company. You will not have people directly contacting you to explain the products and updating you personally.

If you are searching for the community feel, you may prefer Young Living or Doterra. You can easily find many people who either use or sell these products and are excited to share more information.

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Overall, I am very impressed with Simply Earth Essential Oils. I have always been interested in using more essential oils, but have been turned off by the high prices.

Simply Earth is the perfect solution! Quality oils with amazing monthly boxes offered at reasonable prices. Give them a try and I guarantee you will not be disappointed by their prices or quality!

If you are new to Simply Earth, sign up here and use this code to receive a $40 gift card and a free bonus box when you sign up!


Try it out and let me know what you think! I personally am already looking forward to next month’s box!

For more tips on using natural products, check out this post on my 5 favorite natural products.

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    I love essential oils, especially lemongrass. This subscription box is budget-friendly. I need to subscribe now

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