Safe Sunscreen

Top 5 Best Natural Sunscreen for Kids and Babies

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Safe Sunscreen

Summer is approaching quickly, so it is time to start preparing your family for time outdoors. To avoid the risk of sunburns and skin cancer, it is imperative to apply sunscreen every day.

However, not all sunscreens are created equally. Learn how to choose the best natural sunscreen for babies.

Sun Safety

After the long winter, we all dream of endless days out in the warm sun. Not only does the sun feel great, but it also provides essential Vitamin D exposure which helps boost our moods, immune system, and bone health.

However, research has found again and again that too much sun exposure is harmful to our skin. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is still on the rise and it is the most common cancer in the United States.

In order to be able to enjoy time outdoors, but also protect our skin in the summer, it is essential to practice sun safety. This is especially important for young children and babies.

Safe Sunscreen and UV protective hat and swimsuit.

The best way to prevent harmful skin exposure is to limit time outside between 10 am and 2 pm when the sun rays are the strongest. However, if you are outdoors during this time, plan ahead.

Make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing. Also, try to find some shade to avoid direct sunlight during the height of the day.  

There are a lot of new clothes and hats on the market which provides UV protection for babies and adults. Also, if you can get your little one to keep sunglasses on, Babiators are adorable, durable, and protective for their eyes.

Also, when you are out in the sun, it is essential to apply sunscreen for yourself and babies over 6 months of age. Learn to be a smart consumer and find safe sunscreens for the whole family.

How to Choose Safe Sunscreen

Safe Sunscreens for the Whole Family
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When you are out shopping for sunscreen it can become overwhelming quickly with all of the various products on the market. I always encourage people to be smart consumers and learn to read labels. This applies to everything: food, lotions, sunscreen, cleaning products, etc.

Chemical Sunscreen Vs Mineral Sunscreen

The first thing to look for is whether a product is a chemical sunscreen or a mineral sunscreen. In general, mineral sunscreens are considered the safer option.

Chemical Sunscreens are more commonly used and more widely available. This type of sunscreen uses chemicals including oxybenzone, to change the way your skin absorbs harmful UV rays. It usually is a thinner sunscreen and rubs in easier as it is absorbed into your skin.

Alternatively, mineral sunblock is typically made from Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. This is a thicker sunscreen and creates a barrier to block the sun from penetrating your skin. These sunscreens are not absorbed into your skin or your bloodstream and instead remain on the surface.

Avoid the Following:


Oxybenzone is a chemical found in about 2/3’s of all sunscreens. This chemical is used in chemical sunscreens and is found in the bloodstream after a single day of use.

Researchers are still investigating the effects of oxybenzone on humans, but they have identified harmful effects on the coral reef. Oxybenzone alters hormones and DNA of the coral reef. This leads to bleaching premature death. Some areas including Hawaii have started legislation to ban this chemical in sunscreens due to these hrmful effects.

Although research is still ongoing for humans, we already know that it is absorbed into the bloodstream. If it is killing the coral reef, it is certainly worrisome to know what it is doing to us long term.

Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)

Retinyl palmitate is commonly added to chemical sunscreens to “reverse aging”. However, some studies have shown Vitamin A can actually increase the development of skin tumors with sun exposure.  It causes your skin to absorb both the sun and sunscreen quicker.

Sprays or Powders

Spray and powder sunscreens may seem ideal when you are trying to quickly apply sunscreen on the whole family. However, it is not easy to apply evenly and thoroughly, especially on a windy day.

Because this does not create an even coat, people have a higher risk of sun exposure or sunburn with sprays or creams. It is best to avoid these and stick to creams or lotions.

Safe and Effective Sunscreens

So after you filter through the chemical sunscreens, the sprays, and the retnyl palmitate, it is time to pick out a safe sunscreen for your family. As I mentioned before, mineral sunscreen is always the better option.

Look for a sunscreen with SPF 15-50 protection. Also, if you plan on swimming or participate in any physical activity, make sure to reapply or use water-resistant sunscreens

EWG Resourcses

One source that I use regularly to evaluate the safety of products in my home is the EWG (Environmental Working Group). This non-profit organization reviews research and products and evaluates the safety of items that are not typically monitored by the FDA.

They have a ton of resources, so if you are looking for safer products for your family, be sure to check them out!

Top 5 Best Natural Sunscreens for Kids and Babies

Below are my top 5 favorite sunscreens which are all approved and recommended by the EWG. Not all natural products are created alike, so I do recommend reading labels of anyhting you pick up.

1. Toms of Maine

If you have not tried any Toms of Maine products yet, I highly recommend you check them out! Our whole family uses their toothpaste, deodorant, and sunscreen too! They are a small company from Maine that makes healthy, non-toxic products for adults and children.

This sunscreen comes in at the top of my list because it is affordable, contains very few additives, but is also very effective at blocking harmful sun rays.

2. Badger Kids Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Badger Kids Sunscreen is very effective and very safe. This sunblock contains fewer ingredients than other leading sunscreens and does not contain any artificial colors or perfumes.

However, it is very thick and pasty, so be prepared to have a chalky residue. Despite this, it works very well when you take the time to apply it. Since we starting using this sunscreen, the whole family has been well protected and have not had any sunburns.

3. Kiss My Face Organic Kids Sunscreen

Kiss My Face sunscreen is a rarity among mineral sunscreens because applies very easily. It is not as thick as a lot of products and it is made from a small list of ingredients.

However, it does was rated “good” instead of excellent for sun protection. This is concerning if you are going to be out in the height of the day without any shade or clothing. So I do advise reapplying more often if you choose to use this product.

4. Goddess Garden Organic Kids Sunscreen

I have used Goddess Garden products on myself for years now. They rub in smoothly, contain aloe for a cooling effect, and are safe and effective!

This product contains more ingredients than Badger sunscreen or Toms of Maine, but for my own use, I like that it rubs in easier. This does not leave as much of a residue on your skin, so if you don’t mind a little less natural sunscreen, this one is ideal for you.

5. Adorable Baby Sunscreen

Adorable Baby Sunscreen rates very well for both safety and effectiveness. It is made from Zinc oxide and natural additives (sunflower oil, beeswax, avocado oil). This is a great choice for a first sunscreen for your little ones since it is very natural.

However, this sunscreen does come in at a little higher cost than some of the others, so that is something to consider. This may not be ideal for a large family due to the cost.

Enjoy Time Outside

Whatever your favorite sunscreen may be, just be sure to re-apply every 2 hours or more often if you have been swimming.

Enjoy the time in the sun with your family, but just make sure to protect your skin! Become a smart consumer and always read labels before purchasing. It is important to be aware of what we are putting into and on our bodies.

For tips on entertaining your kids this summer, check out this post on gardening as a family. Also, if you are traveling with babies or toddlers, be sure to check out these top 10 activities!

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Safe Sunscreens for the Whole Family
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5 Natural Sunscreens That are Safe and Effective

5 Natural Sunscreens That are Safe and Effective
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      Yes they’re the best! I never have to worry about adequate protection with Badger sunscreen!

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      I’m glad this was helpful! Small changes add up in the long run! Toms is a great choice!

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