PlateJoy Review

Platejoy Review: Is a Meal Plan Really Worth the Cost?

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As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about resolutions for 2020. Most people opt for quick-fix diets, but news flash- they don’t work.

In fact, most people who try a diet end up regaining the weight they lost within 2 months. Also, some people end up gaining back even more weight!

Leave the dieting and unrealistic gym goals out of your resolutions this upcoming year, and instead, let’s make a realistic and achievable goal to get healthy together!

Are you with me!?

PlateJoy Review

Resolutions aren’t bad, but waiting until January 1st and then changing your life drastically is hard to maintain.

Instead, getting a jump-start on healthy living during the holidays will help create a simpler journey that you can stick to.

Eating Healthy is Not a Quick Fix.

Losing weight and eating healthy does not happen overnight. Instead, eating healthy is a lifestyle change.

It’s about adopting lifestyle changes instead of dieting. Eating healthy involves making healthy swaps, planning your meals, and spending extra time meal prepping each week.

You’re probably thinking that sounds overwhelming, but companies like PlateJoy are here to help. Read my honest PlateJoyReview to see if this program is right for you.

PlateJoy Review

PlateJoy is a company that can assist you in your health journey. They’re not a meal-delivery kit that delivers fresh food to cook. Instead, PlateJoy is a meal planning service that is completely customizable.

Think of them as your own personal health assistant!

They help you find meals that suit your schedule, taste preferences, and goals – allowing you to create a new lifestyle that you can stick with.

Platejoy is a flexible program that fits into your lifestyle. This is something that normal diets and delivery kits don’t provide.

New members to PlateJoy complete a survey that helps the nutrition team create a meal plan that best suits your needs. They then provide you with all of the recipes and a complete grocery list to get you started.

And, their recipes are so good that you won’t even realize you’re eating healthier, like their Bell Pepper “Nachos” with Beef and Cheddar.

PlateJoy Review

Another exciting part of PlateJoy is that some insurances will pay for it!

So, forget fad diets and trendy resolutions. Instead, check out PlateJoy for new healthy habits that will take you through the new year and beyond!

Find out more at

The one downside of PlateJoy unlike other meal services is that they don’t ship the ingredients to you. They provide you with a full grocery list, but you’ll have to find time to purchase groceries on your own.

Other than that, PlateJoy is an amazing service with so many great benefits

Try them out today and Start Your Free Trial!

Overall, I gave PlateJoy two thumbs up. If you’re ready to start the New Year off right, sign up for PlateJoy today.

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PlateJoy Review
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