Hospital Bag Must-Haves

32 Hospital Bag Must-Haves You Won’t Want to Forget!

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If you’re in your 3rd trimester, it’s time to start planning out what to pack in your hospital bag. Loading your bag with these hospital bag must-haves is the final step in preparing for your baby’s arrival!

Packing your hospital bag may seem like a daunting task and it’s easy to get carried away.

Use this hospital bag checklist to stay organized and make sure you have all of the essentials in your hospital bag for you, your partner, and for baby.

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When To Pack Hospital Bag

Ideally, you should pack your hospital bag by 36 weeks. Although your baby probably won’t come for another few weeks, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

If you happen to go into labor early, you don’t want to be scrambling to grab everything you need.

Hospital Bag Must-Haves


When you’re planning what to pack in a hospital bag, it’s important to know what’s essential and what’s just for comfort.

You can absolutely add to this list if there are other things that help you stay comfortable and cozy.

I personally over-packed for my first baby, so I try to keep my hospital bag checklist to must-have items.

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Mom

Nursing Bra

hospital bag must-haves for mom: nursing bra

Although you may not feel up to wearing a bra, as soon as your milk comes in, they are a must. Whether or not you plan on nursing, you will leak, a lot!

Make sure to pack a comfortable nursing bra to keep your milk from leaking. Kindred Bravely is my go-to for all bras during and after pregnancy.

Nursing Sleep Bra

Nursing sleep bras are the best invention. These nursing sleep bras are so soft and comfy, but again help prevent leakage.

Nursing Pads

Nursing Pads-hospital bag must haves for mom

You will definitely need nursing pads to help absorb milk after your baby is born. I love these reusable bamboo nursing pads which are soft and breathable, but practical.

Nipple Butter

Your nipples will be sore for the first few days.

Unfortunately, this is a fact for all nursing mamas.

Pack a quality nipple butter like Earth Mama’s Organic Nipple Butter to keep your nipples hydrated and help them heal quicker.

Nursing Tank Top

The first few days in the hospital, you’ll spend the majority of your time lounging and nursing. A nursing tank top is a perfect addition to your wardrobe which you can dress up with a sweater if any visitors come

Comfortable Clothes

Unless you have constant visitors, you’ll most likely want to stay in comfortable clothes while you’re in the hospital. Pack some comfortable maternity leggings for your stay.

Going Home Outfit/ Clothes for Visitors

Make sure to pack something you won’t mind relatives seeing you in. Also, if you plan to take pictures leaving the hospital, you might want a cuter outfit for heading home


Slippers aren’t essential if you’re ok in socks, but I love having my own comfortable slippers, especially while walking the halls waiting for labor to progress.

Non-Skid Socks

If you don’t mind the bright yellow socks the hospital supplies, these aren’t a must. However, there are loads of cuter non-skid sock options. These non-skid socks add a little humor to your time in the hospital, and if you’re lucky, a foot rub!

Flip Flops

Pack a pair of cheap flip flops for your shower in the hospital.


A robe is optional, especially if you don’t mind the hospital gowns. A lot of women, myself included, feel more comfortable in our own robes.

These robes are my favorite which are comfortable and soft, but also practical for those early postpartum days.


After you give birth, you will be feeling pretty messy. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than that first postpartum shower. Pack your favorite toiletries to make it feel more comforting.

Don’t forget to pack the following: shampoo, conditioner, makeup, hairbrush, lotion, contact solution if you wear contacts, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Books and iPad

While you’re waiting to deliver the baby, you’ll have a lot of downtime. Labor doesn’t usually happen like in the movies. You may be waiting hours or even days. Pack some entertainment for you and your partner to pass the time.

Favorite Snacks

After your baby is born and you start nursing you may find you’re ravenous. Pack some favorite snacks to munch on in between meals

Heavy Duty Maternity Pads

After delivery, you will have a lot of discharge and heavy bleeding. The hospital supplies some super thick pads, but you can also pack your own pads that are a little more comfortable.

Phone and Phone Charger

I’m sure these are a given, but don’t forget to include them on your list!

Birth Plan

Don’t forget your birth plan in your hospital bag. You’ll want to share this with your nurses and provider once you arrive.

If you haven’t created a birth plan yet, this course will help you prepare a plan and prepare for labor and delivery.

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag For Your Partner


Although you can’t eat during labor, your partner can. Make sure you don’t starve him and pack extra snacks for him to munch on. Also, many hospitals don’t provide meals for others, so you’ll want ot have plenty for your partner to eat


Depending on how long your partner will stay with you, make sure to pack a change of clothes. Hospitals can get chilly, so an extra layer may be nice too

Books and iPad/ Tablet

Even after the baby is born, your partner will have a lot more downtime than you will. As you’re practicing breastfeeding, your partner may want a book to read or show to watch.


Everyone will be wanting frequent updates so make sure your phone doesn’t die while you’re in the hospital.

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Baby


Even though the hospital supplies diapers, you may want to bring your own, especially if you’re particular about quality/ ingredients.

During the first weeks of life, babies typically go through 8-10 diapers per day. If you plan on bringing diapers, pack at least 20.


Similarly to diapers, the hospital does supply wipes. However, if you’re particular about quality of wipes, go ahead and pack your own.


Make sure to include enough onesies for about 2 days. Pack at least 2 per day in case of diaper blowouts.

Going Home Outfit

The going home outfit is something fun to plan ahead of birth. Pick a cute outfit for your baby’s first trip out into the world.

Make sure to download your own copy of the hospital checklist to prepare for delivery with all of the hospital must-haves.

Don’t forget to prepare for your third-trimester with this complete to-do list.

Also, make sure to join my free Facebook Group: The Mom Hub for tips for new moms and to join a community of other moms.

Hospital Bag Must-Haves Printable
Hospital Bag Must-Haves
What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag
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