Everything You Need to Know About Baby Milestones at 2 Months

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During the first two months of life, your sleepy newborn will transition into an alert and curious baby. Learn about the developmental baby milestones at 2 months and activities to help your baby develop and reach them!

Baby Milestones at 2 Months

During the first year of life, your baby acquires a tremendous amount of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and language skills.

Fine motor skills are movements that are required for small details (think feeding yourself or drawing). The development of fine motor skills involves the coordination of the muscles in your hands and fingers.

Alternatively, gross motor skills are larger movements and activities such as throwing or walking. Gross motor skills require the development of larger muscles in your legs and arms.

Also, during the first year of life, immense development occurs in the speech and language centers of the brain. Babies develop both receptive language (understanding) and expressive language (speaking) within 1 year.

The following are the typical developmental baby milestones at 2 months, along with some tips to encourage your baby to reach them.

Baby Milestones at 2 Months
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Baby Milestones at 2 Months:

Social Skills:

  • First Smile
  • Look at Parent or Caregiver
  • Tracking Objects

Although we don’t typically picture 2-month-old babies as very social, they are learning how to respond to others by watching you. By two months of age, expect to see the first precious toothless smile! This is a moment sure to melt your heart!

Babies may start to smile in response to seeing their parents or hearing their name.

Babies also start to look at their parent or caregiver. They love to look at faces, but they have limited vision at this age. Make sure to get within 8-12 inches of their face so they can see you.

Also, by 2 months of age, babies will begin tracking or following objects with their eyes. They will observe close-hanging objects and objects that are moving slowly.


  • cooing and gurgling sounds
  • Turn head in response to noises

During the first two months of life, babies will begin cooing and making gurgling noises. These early noises are the foundation for language development. Babies are practicing using their vocal cords and finding their voice.

By two months, babies also will turn their head in response to noises. If you speak near a baby, they will turn their head to see where the noise is coming from.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills:

  • Hold head up
  • Push Self Up During Tummy Time

By 2 months, your baby will develop enough neck strength to hold their head up. Neck strength develops gradually over the first two months until they are able to completely control their neck.

Also, upper body strength begins to develop during the first two months. By two months old, your baby will be strong enough to push themselves up during tummy time.


By 2 months-old, your baby will start having longer stretches of awake time during the day. If you haven’t started establishing a routine, this is a good time to start planning out a 2-month-old schedule.

Also, I recommend starting to establish a bedtime routine at this point to help your baby sleep better for months to come.

Activities for Your 2-Month-Old Baby:

During the first two months of life, your baby is transitioning from spending the majority of the day sleeping, to becoming more alert and curious. Interact and play with your baby early on to help them develop and learn.

Make Silly Faces

2-month-olds love to look at faces, especially of people they are familiar with. As they watch your face, open and close your eyes, or stick out your tongue. They will be fascinated by these movements and will watch closely.

Also, as your baby approaches 2 months, they may smile back to you. Smile in their direction and you may receive a toothless grin in return.

Talk and Sing

Studies have found that in the womb, babies learn to recognize their parents’ voices. These familiar voices are very calming and comforting for babies. If your young baby is upset, try speaking or singing to them.

Also, speaking to your baby helps with the early stages of language development. Language development begins with receptive language (understanding what people are saying). The best way for babies to learn is to hear people talk.

Although they will not be speaking back to you any time soon, they are listening to your comforting voice and listening to different pitches and sounds. They may even coo in response to what you say.


2 Month Old Milestones: What Your 2 Month Old Should Be Doing

Start reading to your babies as early as possible. Reading has been proven over and over again to be vital for language development. Additionally, reading helps develop social skills and bonding between parents and children.

Reading is also helpful in establishing a bedtime routine from the beginning. All new parents can agree that establishing good sleep habits is very important!

Good books for newborns are simple books with bright colors or black and white images and contrasting patterns. Since their vision is still developing, their eyes will be able to pick up these contrasting images.

Best books for 0-2 Month Olds:

Look, Look by Peter Linenthal

Hello Baby Faces by Roger Priddy

Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest by Lamaze

Although these books may hold your 2-month-old’s attention longer, any book will do. Reading anything is better than not reading at all.

Exploration Through Touch

Another activity for your young baby is playing through touch. Introduce your baby to different textures against their skin.

Let them touch a soft blanket or a wooden toy. These different textures are exciting learning experiences.

Also, wiggle your little one’s toes, tickle their belly, or hold their hands. Babies are still learning about their body parts and do not have good control over small movements.

They love being touched by their parents and will also learn about their body parts with this activity.

Tummy Time

Another important activity for two-montholds is tummy time. Babies should start tummy time within the first weeks of life.

Place your baby on their stomachs on a flat, safe surface. Place them in front of a mirror or some toys to keep them busy and entertained.

You can start tummy time for short periods of time 2-3 times per day. Gradually increase the amount of time as your baby becomes stronger and more comfortable being on their tummy.

Activity mats with low hanging toys or mirrors will help make this more enjoyable.

Learn more about keeping your newborn happy during tummy time here.

Toys for 2-Month-Olds

Although babies will not be able to manipulate or move toys at this age, they are very curious and observant. They enjoy watching slow-moving or low-hanging toys.

Similarly to the books, look for toys with bright colors, black and white pictures, and contrasting patterns. Also, look for toys that have different textures.

Every experience is brand new to babies and the entire world around them is a learning experience. Introduce them to different textures and objects.

Additionally, mirrors are fun for young babies. They love looking at faces and at this age, they do not realize they are looking at themselves. Place your two-month-old in front of a mirror and watch them get a kick out of observing another baby.

Developmentally appropriate toys:

Activity mats for baby milestones at 2 months
Skip Hop Activity Mat

Activity Mats like this Skip Hop Mat are an ideal toy for the first 6 months of life. These provide a cushioned surface for tummy time, but also have low hanging toys for baby to look at while lying on their back.

Tummy Time Mirror

Mirrors provide endless entertainment for newborns as well as older babies. This particular mirror props up on its own, so it’s a perfect tummy time companion. Set your baby up looking at this mirror to help them have fun during tummy time.

Lamaze Freddy The Firefly

Although it looks simple, this Lamaze firefly provided our little one with entertainment for months! The backside of this firefly has black and white patterns which are ideal for young babies. In addition, it has a rattle, a small mirror, different textures, and a button to squeak! This is an all in one toy that is small and great to bring along in the diaper bag for on the go entertainment.

Oball Baby Rattle

Rattles are fun toys for young babies because their grasp reflex is very strong from birth. Make sure to provide soft rattles though so they don’t accidentally hit themselves. Your little one will enjoy making sounds, even though it is not intentionally at this age.

2 Month Old Baby Milestones

Although it may feel like your baby spends all of their time sleeping and eating during the first two months, a tremendous amount of growth and learning occurs. In a blink of an eye, your newborn transitions into a curious infant who is beginning to explore the world around her.

It is important to know though that all babies develop at different speeds. If you are ever concerned about your baby’s development, speak with your pediatrician.

Early intervention for any potential problems has been proven to be effective in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to speak up.

For more tips on baby development, check out these posts on 4-month-olds and 6-month-olds. Also, you don’t want to miss this post on how to prepare for your well-baby check and questions you must ask your pediatrician.

Also, the CDC has a ton of information for new parents to reference. For those of you with older babies and toddlers, you may enjoy this post on teaching your toddler to talk.

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Baby Milestones at 2 Months
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2 Month Old Baby Milestones and Activities
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*Amazon Affiliate links mean if you make a purchase through a link in this post, I will earn an affilite income or commission.  Thanks for your support!
2 Month Old Baby Milestones and Activities
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  1. This brought me back! My son is not old, still less than one year, but 2 months feels like so long ago! I miss many things about that age, while I love the age he is now. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  2. My daughter turned 1 on June 7th and I def love that you added the importance of reading. We read daily ; and also attend storytime at the library. I signed her up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten its a great program for littles. It helps their language and communication skills. I experienced my son reading at an earlier age because I read to him from birth. I also think it can increase their chances of loving to read. Nice post

    1. Mindful Mama Health

      Happy birthday to your daughter! We are also part of the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program too! I love that it encourages families to start reading together! Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job with your kids!

  3. I always remember right around this age (my twins were preemies), and they had been mostly only been waking up to eat. Well, my daughter had eaten and my mom had run to the store and she came back and I was freaking out because she just wouldn’t go back to sleep! I had gotten so used to that routine. My mom said, she’s probably going to be awake for a little bit longer now. It’s so silly to think of today, but when she said that, I was so relieved that nothing was wrong. It was the start of all the 2 month milestones you mentioned above.

    1. Mindful Mama Health

      Thanks for sharing! A lot of baby transitions and milestones do seem to happen overnight like that! I can’t imagine twin newborns! That must have been quite an adventure!

  4. Talking, reading and singing are so important and it’s never too early to start. My husband and I incorporated these elements when my daughter was this young and she loves them so much now at 13 months.

    1. Mindful Mama Health

      That’s so wonderful that you started so young! I completely agree that it is so important from day one!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this article, it is super nice and very informative.

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