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My name is Jordan and I’m a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, a toddler mama, and a wife. 

Whether you’re pregnant, a first-time mom, or just looking for parenting and healthy lifestyle changes, this is the place for you!

When my little one was born 2 years ago, I was constantly scouring the internet for information on all things parenting.  I had endless questions and was frequently searching for answers.

Between textbooks, medical journals, and pediatrician visits, I was disappointed by the lack of validated parenting advice available.

I started this blog in hopes to provide useful parenting guidance for new moms.  All of my posts combine what I have researched and learned as a Nurse Practitioner in addition to what has worked well for me and my family.

Additionally, I am passionate about eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. I love cooking and modifying recipes for healthier diets that the whole family will enjoy.

I love helping women learn how to balance the stress of motherhood with self-care. I believe that just because we’re moms, doesn’t mean that our health goals aren’t priorities anymore.

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