2nd trimester must haves

2nd Trimester Must-Haves for a Healthy Pregnancy

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The second trimester is often the best trimester of your pregnancy. You’ve made it past morning sickness and exhaustion and you’re just starting to show your cute baby bump. Rock your pregnancy with these 2nd trimester must-haves.

13 2nd Trimester Must-Haves

2nd trimester must haves

Your 2nd trimester is a time of a lot of growth for both you and baby. Usually, at this point, you have more energy and less nausea.

To make your 2nd trimester easier, you’ll want to focus on products to support your growing belly and keep you comfortable and healthy.

These must-haves for your 2nd trimester will be used from now until the end of pregnancy.

Body Pillow

During your second trimester, you’ll want to start to transition to sleeping on your side. Make sleeping more comfortable with a Snoogle pregnancy pillow.

This funny-sounding pillow is a must-have! The Snoogle fits around your growing belly and helps you stay comfortable all night.

Waistband Extenders

Waistband Extenders are the perfect addition to your pants when you’re not quite ready for maternity pants.

When your pants are getting a little tight, leave them unbuttoned, and use a waistband extender to keep them comfortable and flush. These will save you a lot of money on maternity clothes, since you can get a lot more use out of your regular wardrobe.

Also, hang on to these bands for postpartum! These are perfect to use while you’re waiting to return to your pre-pregnancy size.

Prenatal Vitamins

Hopefully you’ve been taking prenatal vitamins since the first trimester. They’re still just as important during your second trimester as well.

Make sure to continue taking an organic prenatal blend every day to help your baby develop well.

Healthy Snacks

A healthy diet is very important throughout your pregnancy. Hopefully during the second trimester, your morning sickness has resolved and you can start eating other foods again.

Add these pregnancy super foods to your diet as often as possible to support a healthy baby.

Natural Antacids

For many women, the discomfort of nausea is replaced with heartburn during the second trimester.

Try these natural antacids for a quick relief whenever heartburn strikes. These are similar to Tums, but they’re organic and made from natural ingredients.

Bra Extender

As you grow throughout your pregnancy, your breasts will grow too. Extend the life of your bras with a simple bra extender.

These hook into your regular bras and help them fit comfortably.

Natural Cleaning Products

Throughout your pregnancy, it’s important to try to reduce your exposure to any harmful chemicals.

It’s time to invest in some safe cleaning products that you can continue using once your baby arrives as well. I personally use Thrive Market brand products which are clean and free of harmful chemicals, but are a fraction of the cost of other big brands.

Try Thrive Market through my link to save $20 on your first order!

Safe Skincare

Similarly to cleaning products, now is the time to start paying attention to your skincare regimen as well. You’ll want to look for products that are paraben-free, unscented, and free of harsh chemicals.

I love Babo Botanicals clean beauty line which includes tinted sunscreen, safe makeup, and moisturizers.

Belly Butter

As your belly is growing and your skin is stretching, you’ll want to invest in a quality belly butter.

This helps prevent unwanted stretch marks and soothes tight, itchy skin. Earth Mama’s Belly Butter is natural, safe, and super effective. Start applying it right away to prevent any stretch marks and soothe your growing belly.

Maternity Wardrobe

Once you transition into a maternity wardrobe, there’s a few items you’ll want to have. A pair of cute jeans is definitely worth the splurge.

Plus, comfy leggings are a must! Comfort is the most important thing during pregnancy, so you’ll want some leggings you can lounge in all day.

Pregnancy Book

Pregnancy books are great companions throughout your pregnancy. Whether you want a more traditional book like What to Expect When You’re Expecting or a more modern book like Bumpin, pregnancy books are a must-have.

There’s no better way to prepare for all of the changes ahead than to read from the experts.

Decaf Coffee

By your second trimester, you may start craving a warm cup of coffee again.

During pregnancy, it’s safe to drink about 200mg of caffeine per day, which is the equivalent of 1-2 cups of coffee.

However, if you want to try to keep your caffeine levels lower, try to combine decaf with regular coffee. You can either mix on your own, or try Mommee coffee which comes in 1/2 caf or 1/4 caf.

Mommee coffee is organic and is rich and creamy, but is low acid to help reduce the risk of heartburn and reflux.

Water Bottle

Throughout your pregnancy, you’re water intake needs to increase by about 50%. You’ll probably start feeling a lot thirstier too, especially during the second trimester.

Grab a big water bottle and bring it along everywhere you go.

Make sure to check out the second-trimester to-do list so you don’t miss any important tasks this trimester.

Enjoy your second trimester and prepare for big changes ahead!

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2nd trimester must haves
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